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Karl-Heinz Bemers
Gutenbergstrasse 5A
D-41564 Kaarst-Buttgen
Phone: 011-49-2131-75740-50
Fax: 011-49-2131-548752
Email: Office@bemers.de
Website: www.bemers.de

  • Founded in 1990 by Karl-Heinz Bemers
  • Approximately 35 employees
  • Installations throughout world including Europe, North America, China, Mexico, Canada
  • Over 450 installations over last 14 years.


  • Linear moveable die spray systems in different sizes
  • Swivelling systems with constrained motion custom designed for press
  • Robot die spray systems
  • Stationary spray equipment
  • Special spray equipment according to customer requirements
  • Spray heads in stainless steel (sandwich design)
  • Graphite pre-coating equipment for warm forging
  • Descaling systems for drop forging
  • Mandrel bar cooling and lubrication systems
  • Piercing press cooling and lubricating systems
  • Tube preserving and tube signing equipment