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Precoating Equipment

The graphite pre-coating system is used in a warm forming process to flood billets pre-heated to a temperature of 80-120°C with a special graphite or graphite-free lubricant. After flooding the billets, the water evaporates and the billets are left with a fine film of dry lubricant. This lubricant makes direct contact with the walls of the dies in the 1st forming operation.

Use of graphite coated billets provides for most optimum method to transfer graphite into the 1st die and can improve the chances of successfully switching to synthetic lubricants.

Billet Precoating Equipment - click to enlarge
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The pre-coating operation can be done inline to the machine or offline in a separate operation. If done inline, the equipment is placed between a preheating coil and the final heating coil.

The pre-coating equipment consists of a lubricant tank, a flooding tank, a billet guide unit, flooding nozzles, and all required hoses and tubing material. All the equipment is manufactured out of stainless steel. The billet guide unit is angled to allow the lubricant to reach the end faces of the billet.

The lubricant is flooded over the billets using flooding nozzles. The billet will absorb some of the lubricant and the remaining will be returned back to the tank. The tank is equipped with a cooling device to keep the lubricant at the proper working temperature. A two-way ball valve is used to flush the system with water in order to clean all pipes and nozzles.

For more information on the lubrication tanks, see the tank section.