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Lubrication Tanks

Pressureless tanks are designed for the supply of lubricant for operation with retractable or stationary die spraying equipments.

The tanks are made completely of stainless steel and come in standard sizes up to 1000 litres depending on the application.

Tanks and all equipment installed on the tanks are capable of handling both graphite lubricants as well as non-graphite lubricants. They can also be equipped with both a water section and a lubricant mixture section.

Lubricant pumps are sized to the application and range in capacity from 10 to 80 litres/minute and pressures of 1:1 up to 45:1. Pumps are operated by noise-reduced air motors and all parts coming in contact with the lube are made of stainless steel.

A large-area electric stirrer is standard and insures that the lubricant does not break down inside the tank.

Lubricant filters are installed both at the inlet and outlet sides to protect the system from dirt.

A lube circulation valve is standard on the tank allowing the system to automatically circulate the lube through the lines in the event of a production stoppage. This insures that the lubricant will not break down in the lines and improves the lifetime of the spraying valves and nozzles.

A manually-operated rinsing valve is installed on the tank to run the lines full of water for extended shutdowns and rinsing.

The front side of the tank is equipped with a cabinet in which the compressed air equipment for the pumps and valves are installed.

An ultrasonic level sensor allows the control system to know the exact level of lubricant in the tank.