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Linear Manipulators

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Main construction:

The linear manipulator is specially designed for use in the die forging industry. It is built to withstand the severe operating conditions and the special requirements of the process and is resistant to external influences such as dirt and scale.

The linear manipulator is available in three sizes depending on the number and weight of the spray heads. Standard strokes are available between 24 and 60 inches depending on the needs of the application.

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The moving portion of the manipulator is a cross-member constructed of a square tube with two carriages that run on a linear guide. The motor runs a gear wheel that runs a tooth belt that moves the manipulator in and out of the die.

All hoses are run through the square tube and the entire manipulator is protected by a hinged cover.

At the end of the square tube is mounted a housing where all the lubrication valves are installed. The housing is covered with a metal sheet to protect the valves from the environment but also facilitate easy maintenance of the valves.

The housing of the manipulator is constructed of a frame and substructure that is flanged to a swivelling console to the chassis.

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Multiple mounting options including floor standing on wheels and press frame mounted.

The spray manipulator can be shifted on a console about 200 mm to its longitudinal axis.

Electric Drive :

The drive motion is done using a three-phase variable frequency AC drive, a 1,5 KW motor with brake, ventilator, and gearbox. The motor drives a rack and pinion system inside the manipulator

Positioning speed: min. 0.1 m/s - max.1.5 m/s
Positioning accuracy: up to + / -1 mm depending on speed

Optional servo drive positioning for increased speed and synchronization with the press for higher speed operation.

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The manipulator is mounted to a sub-construction that dictates the height of manipulator. Fine-adjustment of the spray height can be achieved using a manually operated hydraulic jack mounted to its base

The sub-construction can be supplied with wheels in order to quickly move the unit away from the press for die changing functions.