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Automatic Mixing / Dosage Systems

With the mixing and dosage device the water/concentrate ration can be automatically mixed in any desired ratio.

One method to store the concentrated lubricant is in a 200 liter (55 gallon) barrel. A cover is lowered onto the barrel that has mounted to it an electric stirrer, a safety switch, and a level sensor. To replace an empty barrel, the lid can be raised pneumatically using a hand-operated solenoid valve.

The concentrated lubricant can also be stored in a plastic tote from the manufacturer.
When the main lubrication tank requires refill, the operator pushes a button to initiate the refilling process. The stirrer in the tank stops in order to allow the lubricant mixture level to stabilize. The required amount of concentrated lubricant is pumped from the barrel or tote and then the corresponding amount of water is pumped.