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Bemers Robot Spray System

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The Bemers-Robot-Spraying-System is designed for special applications in the die forging industry and helps to improve your production flexibility.

Using a robot allows the flexibility for multi-axis positioning of the spray equipment inside the dies.

The system can be designed using customer-supplied robot or Bemers can provide complete system including robot.

The Bemers spray valve carrier and spray heads are mounted to the end of the robot. The lube and air lines are routed over the robot to feed the valves.

Robotic Manipulators - click to enlarge
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6-axis Industrial Robot Mechanics

- in compact and space-saving design
- AC servo drive units for 6 degrees of freedom
- absolute position sensing
- brakes in all 6 axes
- designed for the specified payloads and moments of inertia referred to maximum
speed and maximum utilazation.
- Additional load on the robot arm is possible without restriction to the specified payload and moments of inertia
- 7 m connecting cable between robot mechanics and robot controller

Power Unit, Position Sensing System

- AC-power-servo-drive for 6 axes with integrated power supply
- Position sensing by means of 1 resolver per axis with associated control electronics